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LIFE - ERP Synopsis


LIFE is the outcome of close to 5 years of research and development.


The System is developed for organizations in the Commodity Trade. These include wide ranging commodities such as oil seeds, pulses, sugar, grains, wheat, rice, rubber, tobacco, spices, coffee, tea, jute, cotton etc.


All modules in the system can be used in your business as an ERP Suite comprising of a complete solution.

All modules have multi-currency options.


LIFE is a multi-company system. You can have as many companies within the organization, and yet the functioning of each company would be independent of others, and can perform all tasks in the modules and / or the system.


Depending on your business requirements & size of your business, LIFE comes with Multi User & Single User Options. In a multi-user environment, there are no restrictions on the number of users in the system.



Our Research states that about 40 % of your time can be saved by using LIFE, which would otherwise be used in providing transaction intimation, documentation and providing tracking and monitoring information to your buyers & Sellers.